Welcome to Paradise Golden Retrievers of Florida and North Carolina!
Home of Premium English/American Goldens

We do not currently have puppies available. Check back in August for information on potential litters.

From our wooded acres near Tampa, to our farm near Raleigh, our English/American Goldens live in a beautiful, natural setting.

We are an AKC-inspected breeding facility, with our dogs, records, and facility meeting or exceeding AKC guidelines.

Valrico, Florida location
15 miles east of Tampa

Angier, North Carolina location
12 miles south of Raleigh

We are beginning our 9th year of helping families and individuals find that very special Golden Retriever puppy to join their lives. We have a proud legacy of healthy puppies in homes all over Florida. We are grateful for the loving, thoughtful people that have become part of our extended Paradise Goldens family and that our little guys and girls have become such a central part of each family’s life. Golden Retrievers make an ideal family pet. Loyal, affectionate and intelligent, they bond closely with their human families. At Paradise Golden Retrievers, we are members in good standing of the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA), as well as the American Kennel Club (AKC) regarding our adult dogs and our puppies.

Many people purchasing a puppy have previously owned a Golden and need little introduction to their special qualities. To these people we say, "Welcome  back to the wonderful world of Goldens! " We are located in Valrico, (near Brandon), 15 miles east of Tampa, 45 minutes north of Sarasota. Many families from Orlando, Ft. Myers, Miami, Tampa, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Jacksonville have become part of our Paradise Goldens extended puppy family.

Melissa Coleman, M.Ed., has been a special education teacher for 25 years before retiring and starting Paradise Golden Retrievers in 2005. She has owned and loved the breed for over 40 years. Hunting the fields of rural Pennsylvania with her father, she first appreciated the obedience and agility of a highly-skilled hunting Golden. She has been fortunate to witness a wide range of Golden Retriever activities - from the field and stream excellence in retrieving, to the beloved family companion, to the obedient and sensitive therapy and service dog. She comments, "Goldens have such huge hearts, they are also very intuitive and have an enormous desire to please their owners." Her goal is to pass along the joy that Goldens bring to others who also value and love the breed.   

For people new to the breed, you are in for a treat with Golden Retrievers! Golden Retrievers enrich lives in so many ways with their fun-loving, ball-retrieving and water-loving personalities! Their constant Golden "smile" is trademark!

For families with small children, Goldens are ranked at the top of the list for safety with interaction with children. Having raised Goldens with small children, we can attest that they happily tolerate the typical antics of climbing and gentle tugging which children lovingly 'heap' on them! It is a joy to see children and puppies grow up together.

Our goal is two-fold:   to place each of our puppies in a loving, thoughtful home setting and know that the puppy will become a much-loved member of the family; and that the families who select our puppies will be enriched by the life of their Golden Retriever.

Puppy Purchasing
Purchasing a puppy requires thoughtful planning. Health, parental lineage and temperament, as well as environment, are all important factors in purchasing a puppy. Also important is selecting a breeder who will take time to answer questions before, during and after the puppy sale. Our Goldens have Champion AKC bloodlines and this is evident in their appearance and temperaments. At Paradise Golden Retrievers, we prioritize these factors so that purchasing a puppy is a positive experience for the entire family.

Puppy Payments 
Puppy prices range from $1600 to $1800 and deposits are $495 (applied to the total price.) Deposits for puppy reservations, as well as balances, can be paid with credit cards using PayPal.

Email for a PayPal Payment Request and your reservation can be confirmed the same day.

Health Clearances

Sterk Hart Tebow, our stud dog, has completed all of his health certifications - eyes, heart, hips and elbows. We are very pleased with his OFA "Good" hip rating. All females over two years of age in our breeding program have their OFA hip and elbow clearances or they are pending. With this parental certification, your puppy is destined to lead a happy and healthy life for many years to come!  We have never had a puppy returned due to a health problem and credit this to our excellent breeding stock.

Special Honor for our Puppy Temperaments
The temperaments of our dogs can be described as gentle, obedient and affectionate. Paws with Purpose, an organization which provides companion dogs to disabled people, personally conducted standardized temperament testing on Ginger Snap, Shalimar and Daisy puppies, giving them excellent ratings. The puppies they purchased have continued to have great success in their training program and they have proved adaptable in a wide range of  situations. Temperament is fundamentally important in selecting a puppy.

Purchasing a Puppy
Puppy purchases include the following:

"Hope/Tebow Puppy 2010"
Photo Credit: Monty Mathis

  • AKC Registration Papers (pet only)
  • Litter Certificate
  • Health Guarantee/Contract
  • State Health Certificate
  • Parental Pedigrees
  • OFA Parental Clearances
  • Weekly updates with photos on puppy's development
  • Puppy's first set of shots, vet exam
  • Deworming
  • and a warm bath before puppy comes home!
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