Letters from our Puppy Parents

Update about Catie.( see previous posts about Catie below)

Hi Melissa,

Catie turned 6 January 11th and we had her annual birthday treat. She is a happy, healthy and has not slowed down at all. She is also a couch potato at times. She makes us smile every day and she is our baby.

By the way, Catie has learned to carry the Publix shopping bags in from the garage to the kitchen. Cutest thing you have ever seen.

Monty & Cheryl


Dear Melissa,

Thinking of you during this Christmas season and wanted to wish you a wonderful time with all of your loved ones.  Here are a few pictures of Meimei who is almost 60 pounds now.  She is the star of the show, and the darling of our family.  She is absolutely spoiled rotten, still a bit naughty, but sweet as she can be.  And she puts up with us too!  :)  We couldn't be prouder of her, and we can't wait to get another puppy from you!

With love,



Mei Mei is from the 2015 Morgan/Tebow litter.

Hi, Melissa!

My Ambrosia was purchased from your first litter of Daisy and Scott 9 plus years sgo.  Everyone always comments on her beauty and her prancing gait.  She will be 10 on November 3rd and continues to be a healthy, active girl.  As with all my goldens, her coat has darkened with age, so she does have some reddish tints in her coat now; I’m sure you remember the puppies were really light from her Scotty/Daisy litter.  She has all the wonderful attributes a well-bred golden should have:  intelligence, soft mouth, protective, loving, a ball nut, and a playful side as you mention Daisy having.  I love her with all my heart!


Hey Melissa,
Hope you are going well! Just wanted to send a little update about our Griffin :) He's doing really well and has adjusted to life at the beach. He's such a sweet and smart boy and he loves to meet and play with everyone and every dog. Thanks so much for taking such great care of him and allowing us to gain a wonderful new family member. He brings us so much joy and is really growing so quickly!


 Hi Melissa,
It was very nice meeting with you, all the puppies and the new parents. We wished we had taken a picture with you and Patience together but you were very busy when we were leaving.
Patience is everything we prayed and hoped for and more and we cannot express our sincere thanks to you. We are glad  and thankful Tara's parent recommended Paradise to us.
We are now among all the parents of Paradise Goldens who are so happy and appreciative of their puppies.
Patience received a clean bill of health from her Vet last Monday.
She is precocious, smart, curious, cute, persistent, communicative and full of energy. Music calms her down. She is also very protective of her toys.
Attached is a picture of Patience in the pool patio, after her bath.
She is growing bigger every day.  She is the love of our life. We cannot thank you enough and will recommend Paradise Goldens to everyone. Will definitely contact you if we ever consider a companion for Patience.
Best regards and take care,
Patience, Bob and Joyce

Hey Melissa,

Just thought I would give you an update on Shayna.  She is settling in quite nicely.  She is a little sweetie.  She goes to baseball games with us and also to the rehab facility to visit my father-in-law (who absolutely loves her).

She is growing like a weed.  She weighs 17lbs. now.  She loves to go on walks and does well with her leash.  She also loves to play in the backyard and find every pine cone there is to chew on.  I will keep you updated as she grows up.

Thank you for the wonderful puppy,

This puppy from a previous Tia/Tebow litter is a fine example of the lighter coats and the nicely-shaped heads...coupled with intelligence and a super sweet personality!

Hi Melissa! 
I just wanted to stop in and say hi and that I LOVE MY GOLDEN PUPPY!!!!! Nike has continued to grow and mature into a fine young pup.  I love Nike and all of her personality and moxie. She truly makes every single day brighter and better than the day before. She is pure joy. I really would love to consider getting another puppy and now could not imagine getting anything other than a beautiful Golden. They take up a lot of room but still think they are lap dogs. Her coloring is beautiful. You would not believe how pristine and light her coat is. Like a beautiful "creame" Golden girl.

As you can see, I have tons of love for the perfect puppy you gave us and it truly is a testament to how well you bred your Goldens. She is perfect.

I appreciate the update on future liters and hope all is great your way.

Tiffani, Perry and Nike (woof, woof)

Photo update on Stella Luna....a Luna/Tebow puppy growing up!

Hello Melissa,

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know Merlin loved his first camping trip.  He also got to go to the dog park and dog beach at Ft Desoto and loved swimming and playing fetch in the water. 


Updated photo of Merlin (1 1/2 years old)

10/13 update from Stella Luna who definitely takes after her father, Tebow! She has those large, dark eyes coupled with the lighter coat, typical of the English Goldens.

Hi Melissa,
Love, Stella Luna

Hello Melissa,

This is Krysten and Brian. We made one of your puppies apart of our family last year around this time. He turned a year old June 5th. He is doing really well and is getting so big! He will going on his first big adventure with us in August. We as a family are road tripping back home to Mass to visit our family. Attached to this email are some current pictures of him! I hope all is well with you and your family. Brian and I are now married and doing well ourselves. If possible, keep us updated on upcoming litters. We eventually would love to give Riley a playmate. 

Krysten and Brian

"Stella Luna Joins the Fun"

"Stella Luna" celebrating her young owner's
5th birthday bash!

Hi Melissa,

Four years ago today our wonderful golden was born to Jasmine and Sir Heisman Tebow.  Her name is Pika and she is a joy to have around. We are so thankful we found you and picked out our very special dog.  I've attached a picture so you can see how pretty she is. 

Kevin and Lois

Owner, Todd, writes "He is awesome!"

'Ready for a Ruff Course'


Mulligan Tee Musselwhite

Happy 4th of July Melissa

We are out for our morning walk with our wonderful Bosco!!!!!  He is 51/2 months and weighs in at 60 pounds.  He is a strong and solid dog.  He is an exceptional dog!!!!  He has not had an accident in the house since he was almost 3 months old.  He was so easy to train. 

Bosco and I walk every morning, when it isn't raining, about 3 miles and in the early evening we take a shorter walk, so he is getting plenty of exercise and socialization.  Next Thursday he will be going on his first camping trip for 4 days up at Homosassa Springs where he will surely be introduced to swimming in the water.

Bosco's legs and paws are at least twice the size of our Kia Boy when he died at 13 years old.  We call him sometimes Lion Paw or Big Bear Paw.

Bosco at 4 months

He is such a love and joy to have as part of our family.  He is so smart and so good with all kinds of other dogs and children and adults.

Thank you so much for breeding such beautiful strong and healthy Goldens. We still cannot walk him without adults and children asking if they can pet him and say what a beautiful Golden Retriever . 

Again thank you so much and Happy 4th of July.

Michael Carolyn and Bosco

Gail S. has been sharing photos of her Luna/Tebow puppy as she has been growing up. Enjoy!

Whined for only five minutes and nighty night sweet Stella Luna. We all love her so much!  Thank you!!

Had a great well puppy visit yesterday and is click training beautifully with the gentle leader. She is 10.6 lbs.

An adorable moment with daughter and Luna.

She's a "mini-me" of her dad!

Her favorite spot and my favorite pic.

She adores swimming!

Hi Melissa,
Just wanted to send an update on Dexter.  He will be a year old next month and is the love of our lives!  He is the sweetest and most loving dog. He makes friends everywhere he goes and is so happy meeting new people.  Dexter is a testament of the love you have in breeding amazing and beautiful Goldens.  I have included two pictures, one of Dexter going in the ocean for the first time, and one helping me with the laundry :)

Take care!
Love Jenn, Ovidio,and Dexter

I was wondering if you currently or in the future would have any pups available?  I have recommended you to my cousin as she has been trying to find a breeder.  I had am amazing experience in the process of buying a puppy from you.



What a great Easter!! Cami is such a joy and is doing GREAT!! She's only had two accidents in the house and only cried for about 10 min in her crate at bedtime. She's sleeping like a charm... So far. Jim took her for her first short walk today (he carried her most of the way :). We are so proud of her and love her to pieces. Here are some pics from today.
Thanks for helping make our Easter extra special!


Update on Cami - "Full Disclosure"

Lest you think Cami is "perfect", here is a glimpse at her mischievous side.  Jim was gone all week, therefore no walks, and the rain kept us inside a lot... So she decided to do some yard work. Not pictured is the part where the kids let her in the house before I had a chance to hose her down.

In Swahili we would call her Taabu Mengi - trouble maker!

Hi Melissa

I just wanted to say thank you for our beautiful Bosco.  He is awesome! He slept through most of his exam this morning at the vets.  He weighed in at 14.6 pounds.  The vet said he checked out really well.  He is such a good puppy.  He has already stolen our hearts.  Michael said Saturday when we got to our daughter's house, "we are whole once again now that we have Bosco in our life".

Thanks again for breeding such great Goldens.  I will send pictures as he grows and let you know how he is doing.

Take care
Carolyn and Michael

Hi Melissa,
We are really enjoying Levi and his antics.  He weighs in at 60lbs at 6 months!  He is best buds with his 6lb Tiny Toy Poodle brother and loves to help in the kitchen loading up the dishwasher.  We are fortunate to live near a golf course so twice a day he runs the course (4 miles a day) which he looks forward to. Even though he is big, he still is a baby.  He sleeps in the bed with us thinking he is still the 11lb boy we came home with. We get oodles and aahhs from people when they see this beautiful dog!  Give hugs to Mama and Papa and tell them he is in good hands!

Laurie and Stan

Rufus is the perfect dog for me. Our personalities are
well matched. I feel blessed.

Merry Christmas,

Hi Melissa-

What a fun day for Bella....her first Christmas. It took her 30 seconds to get the hang of ripping the paper off the presents Santa had left for her and Baron in their stockings. Of course Baron was a good teacher. However they each wanted the other's present and so a tug of war ensued and then they decided it would be fun to help Cam & me open our presents and rip away they did. It was really comical.

Bella at 21 weeks now weighs in at 29.6 pounds and so she is slowing gaining and growing. She still can't jump up on our bed so this is where Baron goes to escape her constant wanting to play. She is not so dumb and this morning jumped up on the bench at the foot of our bed and then jumped onto the bed. The look on Baron's face was worth a thousand words, as we knew right away what he was thinking.

Hope you and yours had a wonderful day too. Thought you would enjoy the pictures.

Marty & Cam

What did Santa bring?

This is mine!

No this is mine!

Christmas Joy

A Golden Christmas


Hi Melissa-

Just a note to give you a status report on our precious little "Bella". She is 17 weeks today and has completed her puppy shots as well as her rabies vaccine. She has been transitioned over to Wellness Puppy Chow & is up to 3 cups a day (1 cup per feeding). She is all legs, tail and ears and weighs in at a diminutive 22 pounds. Our vet is in love with her and gets down on the floor to play with her when she visits.

She has completed her puppy classes and has a certificate to prove she passed all of her requirements: sit & look at me, sit and stay (30 seconds), heeling, down (still working on this one), come when called and leave it (she hears that a lot). She is pretty well house broken and when she is in the crate barks when she has to go out, but when she is loose in the house we really have to watch her as she sits by the front door when she needs to go out & if we don't see her......we get to clean it up! :) She is also sleeping 8 hours at night in her crate without a problem so we are all getting a good night's rest. She has a little cuddle time on the bed with Baron& us before she is crated and loves to be on the big bed with her pack.

Playing on the big bed

Best Buddies 15 Weeks

We couldn't be happier with her and her antics but especially her personality. She is all puppy but is also mellow for being so young. When she is playing with Baron she is the alpha and the two of them take turns on their backs during their play times. The funniest is to watch them play tug with a toy. She is relentless and Baron is the one who usually gives in. We have also had her in the pool a couple of times and she is getting the hang of it, but still a little insecure.

Bella is now experiencing her first Christmas and is mesmerized with all of our decorations on the tree. The cats sleep under it on the tree skirt and Bella would like to be under there with them. Needless to say there is a lot of "Leave It!" going on. :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Hi Melissa,
Quick update on Dexter. He is a superstar, I can't go anywhere without people stopping me to talk about how beautiful he is. He is so sweet and so smart, he is such a wonderful addition to our family!

Love Jenn and Dexter

Good Morning Melissa!
    I just wanted to give you an update on Bentley. He is the love of our lives and everyone. I mean everyone falls in love with him when they see him. He is a ball of energy and has stolen my heart completely. He loves rope toys the best and loves to run and play. He is just the best! He is also growing like a weed. His vet visit last week, he weighed in at 36 lbs J I will send you a picture. I hope you and all your beautiful goldens are doing well!
There are some fun pictures of Bentley attached that I hope you will enjoy!


   I just sent you a pic of Casey from my phone. He is so beautiful both physically and personality wise. He continues to have a very light coat with a darker tint to his legs tail and upper back. He went to vet today for his next vaccines and weighed in at 26.6 lbs. He is growing so fast it is unbelievable. He loves our 24 ft. deck boat and both salt water and the pool. He has now met my sons 4yr old Australian Shepherd and my daughters' beagle and black lab and gets along fine with all of them. Next month he will receive his first rabies vaccine and be microchipped.  We are having so much fun with him. Thanks again.


Update on Casey at 6 Months

Dear Melissa,  Casey is now 6 months old and weighing in at 51 lbs.  He is now a seasoned traveler, and did very well in the car, traveling to Marietta, Georgia and back home. He loves playing with other dogs, tennis balls, and chewing on deer antlers from the holistic pet store. He has a special place in his heart for children, and is especially fond of my 7 year old and 3 year old granddaughters that he sees most often.  He loves going out in the boat, swimming in the gulf, rolling in the sand, plus still enjoys our pool with tennis retrieving his favorite. He has brought us a special love and affection that we are very lucky to have. I am sending you a picture of him laying full out on the fireplace hearth enjoying a moment of quiet.

Hi Melissa,
I'm not sure if you remember us, but my husband and I purchased the love of our lives from you in December 2010 - from the Jasmine/Scotty litter. I wanted to reach out and let you know how much Tucker has changed our lives. We are head over heels in love with this guy and have been since day 1! He is 100% a part of our family (we introduce him as our son!) and everyday with him is a new & exciting adventure. He has his own hilarious personality but has adopted so many traits from us as well. He is the BIGGEST snuggle bug you have ever met... my husband and I are too so it's perfect... and he is SUCH a mama's boy! I love it! He sleeps in our bed with us.... let me rephrase that, we sleep in the bed w/ HIM! We have a huge king size bed but he claims it as his own so we're lucky if we can find a spot. We go for runs, we take a million walks a day, we watch movies, we go for car rides, we play massive amounts of fetch, we hug and kiss him all day long....we are one big happy family and he is the heart and soul of it all. My husband and I were just talking about Tucker and how much we love him and how great his life is.... he only knows love and hugs and happiness. He knows no pain, no sadness or loneliness and we wish so badly that every dog could feel the love that Tucker does. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift. We can't even walk down the street without someone stopping and commenting on what an incredible looking dog Tucker is. He has a neighborhood girlfriend, Brandy, she is a golden-doodle who lives a few doors down and they can't get enough of each other. They have play dates every day and are inseparable! I have attached a few pictures of Tucker (we have a million so I had to narrow it down to a simple few) so you can see for yourself what an amazing dog he is and what a total stud he has become.... he's definitely a ladies man!! :) There are 2 photos included of Tucker and Brandy. They're in love :)
Just wanted to share this with you as I have recently referred someone to you who I believe is already on the waiting list for your litter due in February. I believe they will be training her as a service dog. I realized that I have raved on and on about Tucker and how smart, gentle and loving he is as well as your supurb breeding....yet I have never shared that with you. I wanted to change that tonight.
Thanks again, Melissa! Hope all is well with all of the pups and that they are all as happy as Tucker! I hope that all the families are as happy & blessed as we are!


I thought I would bring you up to date on our Abby.  She is without a doubt the smartest, sweetest and most beautiful puppy ever.  Two weeks ago she graduated from puppy obedience with flying colors.  The next day she left with us on vacation.  She is a great traveler.  We went to Western Maryland to Bob's home.  We stayed with Bob's brother and his wife, Barb.  Barb has 3 dogs, 2 labs and a Weimer.  She trains and works her dogs in agility.  Abby learned how to be part of a pack and had an absolutely great time.  She played everyday with Quick, Barb's chocolate lab.  She also learned to dock dive just like Quick.  She did very well.  Barb could not get over how quick she picked things up and how smart she is. 

I am attaching a couple of pictures I thought you might enjoy.  She is truly God's blessing to us.  She brings us so much joy.  Thanks again for having such great puppies.

Bob and Karen

Update on Abby


I wanted to let you know how our Abby is doing.  She is the sweetest, smartest Golden I’ve ever seen.  She and her daddy love to play hide and seek.  Guess who always wins.  She is so smart!  We had her spayed 2 months ago and she is doing great, full of energy.  I am enclosing a picture I took of her at our daughter’s in
Georgia.  She got up in the flower box and sat there.  Bob and I laugh at her all the time.  She is so funny.  She loves to lay on the tile floor with her hind legs spread out like she was a puppy.  She also likes to watch TV.  How is Jasmine?  Has she had anymore litters?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Bob and Karen

Hi Melissa,

Eragon is doing great. Already potty trained. He barks at the door to go out.  He's growing fast! Already much bigger than Snoopy. He loves everyone and insists on being the center of attention.  Even though he is the biggest animal in the house our cat Kiara still rules the house and him.
Eragon after a day at doggy daycare.
He is in no way a spoiled dog. 
Nope not at all, cough cough.

Eragon at 15 months


I never did get around to sending pics of "Summer" but am doing so now. (Tia/Tebow March, 2010 litter) 

She is just an absolute delight.  She seems a bit "goofy" if you will, not always learning the tricks we try to teach her though she has the sit, stay, (lay) down, (get) off (the couch, the bed, me), and "crate".  She sleeps with my daughter in her twin bed, laying at the foot of the bed. 

She LOVES baths and water of any kind.  She has a tendancy to nudge her way into the bathroom if the door isn't shut.  If someone is in the tub or shower, they have to watch out because she'll nose the sliding shower door until it opens and jump right in with whoever is there! 
Now here is the unreal part.  I can put the food bowl down and walk away and she doesn't eat a bite until I say "okay".  I once spilled dog food on the floor and she sat until her bowl was filled, placed on the porch and I said "okay".  Didn't touch the food on the floor in the dining room right at her feet!  She also knows that if I'm eating and don't want her around, I say "go away" and she backs off to a distance where I can't say she is officially begging but she can still smell the food!  AND...she has had the chance to snag pieces of cooked chicken or other meat off the counter (she is a dog and doesn't always avoid the temptation), but instead takes, of all things, the strawberry or slice of banana sitting on the counter next to the chicken!  STRANGE!

At any rate, she is happy, healthy, and completely unaware of how much she has grown as she tries to crawl into my crossed legs like she did when she was just a wee puppy.  We are blessed to have her as part of our family. 

Take care!

Cheryl (Ann)


Attached is a picture of Holli and I with Buck Sergeant and Ginger Snap. We volunteer with the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida is saving deserted/abandoned Golden Retrievers. Ginger Snap (reddish color) we fostered and ultimately adopted 8 months ago.

I hope all is well with you and your husband.

It is so good to hear from you.   

You are more than welcome to use any information about Buck Sergeant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqbV8J4nE04


He is an amazing dog and this is one of the best decisions we have ever made adopting him.

Sergean'ts favorite activities are swimming, trail hiking, fetching balls and playing catch with a frisbee. Two of his best friends are cats.

I have spoken with Holli, and yes we would consider another Golden puppy. Sterk Hark Tebow is a beautiful dog and I am sure he sires wonderful offsprings.

Again it is great to hear from you,

One of our most special letters: 

I sincerely admire the way you conduct both the breeding of the dogs and for the manner in which you make the adoption process so inviting and complete. These wonderful animals are God's gifts to us; their great start in life is your gift to them.

Thanks for the opportunity to become part of the Paradise Golden family.



Melissa - Happy Holidays - just wanted to follow-up with our puppy from Rosie/Tebow from the 3/28/2010 litter - I recently visited your web site and saw the photos on the puppy page of the 2 male puppies in the chair - well one is our new pal "Cheli" - he is doing very well - his medical has all been good since our first visit our vet  - he is now 9 months old and weighs about 65 pounds - he is always wanting to play and roughhouse and he loves to swim in the pool - he is very bright and is eager to participate and please - the crate training was easy - he slept thru the night from the first day we brought him home, and now we leave the door open and he likes to go and sleep in the crate when he takes a nap. Thank you so much for helping us find our new friend - he is a major part of our family -

I have enclosed a couple of pictures of Cheli in front of our Christmas Tree with my son Jeffrey -
Cheli looks much like his mother Rosie - he is a great friend - Have a safe and happy new year!

With great regards - Gene and Linda

Cheli at 10 months

Good morning Melissa,
Just wanted to say how nice it was meeting you and how happy I am with Brody. He's such a precious little darling! He's eating right on schedule - and loving every bite! And he's doing such a good job learning to go potty outside only; and sleeping in his crate all night without crying. What can I say? - he's just the perfect little thing! We have an appointment Saturday morning for a check-up, and I'm sure he will steal their hearts.
   I am glad you like Mrs. Woodhouse's photo.

It is just a token for the hapiness you have given me. 
Enjoy the pictures and I will keep in touch. Thank-you, Melissa.

Bobbie's "Brody" (aka "You're gonna need a bigger boat" Brody from Jaws)  

Hi Melissa,

Here are a couple of Catie pics, one at about 3.5 months and the other was
taken today. She is growing like a weed.

Catie, owned by Cheryl and Monty, is an Obedience Graduate! 

Hope/Tebow Puppy 2010

Our good friend AJ, who is also a vet, purchased two females from Tia's previous litter for himself and Melissa.

Hi Melissa,

How are you? We are doing well and having a blast with these 2 crazies....They always aim to please and make us laugh...They are just soooooooo much fun, Lacey would be proud..I don't know if i had sent you these pics before but just in case....They are my favorites of Tia...I just love them... I am sending a couple of the girls just being what they do best...Please give Shal a very big hug for me and hope all is well by you....Have a great week and I will be in touch soon....Take care and God Bless.......AJ

Thanks to Melissa at Paradise golden puppies, we brought home a new family member on Valentines Day. He is a little golden nugget lovey-boy that came home on Valentines Day so we named him Nugget Valentino Colado.

Nugget is playing next to the koi pond with his new ball.

Too cute


Evalynn Mills from Louisville, KY, Bailey's owner, has been a friend of Paradise Goldens for years and her encouragement and support for the Paws with Purpose Program has been ongoing. We are very thankful to Evalynn for her support and showing everyone that Paradise Goldens make wonderful companions and therapy dogs!

I recommend Paradise Goldens to everyone.  I tell them it is certainly worth the trip to Florida.  And who wouldn't want a trip to Florida?!!!

Bailey is a wonderful girl.  She is always starting a game with Dakota.  I'm watching her pull on his ear right now.  She also loves to find stuff and bring it to me.  You can always tell she has something.  She holds her mouth a little funny and parades in front of you even if it is something small.  A couple of times she has brought me a penny.  I say "Ok, Bailey, give it to me."  When she opens her mouth, sitting on her tongue will be this little penny.  

I know PWP will be happy with their pups.  One of the ladies who makes these decisions for the prison program is my sitter when I'm on vacation.  So, she sees Bailey for about a week at a time.  She knows what kind of special treat she is. 

Have a great week.


Dog's Day at the Pool!

Bailey, Christmas 2008



Just a note to let you know Gabby has made herself at home as you can see. She is a real character. She gets along with Molly the chocolate lab and loves to explore. She is truly my angel.


New owners Teri and Richard's "Gabby"

Hi Melissa,

Just wanted to tell you Chance had a clean bill of health from the vet today. The vet was very impressed with all of the paper work that was in the folder. He said Chance is going to be between 80 -100 pounds! We are so happy to have him, he is a great dog. He sleeps in his crate without any problems. He goes out at 9 and my husband walks him around 1AM before he goes to bed and Chance sleeps until 8:30.

I took his pictures to work and everyone loves him. I handed out two of your cards so far! One lady at work has a Golden. She got him from the rescue shelter, but now she is considering a puppy, of course I told her how wonderful you are. I will send pictures as he grows.



Hello Melissa,

We had Chance at the vet yesterday and he is now 15 pounds and growing! He is doing great, he is very smart. At 11 weeks, he sits on command and doesn't jump on people when they bend down to pet him. He is a big hit in our community, people we don't even know stop to look at him.

Chance has brought so much joy into our lives in such a short time. I was very nervous about getting another pup so soon after loosing our other Golden, but after having Chance home with us, all that has pasted. I am just so thrilled we have him.

You are to be complimented on breeding one of the finest Golden Retrievers. I am so glad my daughter Gabriella found you!


Hi Melissa,

I just wanted to write to tell you that Kallie is doing great!!  The vet adored her and said she was perfectly healthy.  She has adjusted well to her new home and she just loves everybody!  She is so smart and learns new things very easily.  She has already learned how to sit!!  When visitors come, she will sit for a treat!  Potty training is going great and she is doing very well sleeping in her crate at night.  I am so happy with her and so is everyone else in my family.  I'm so lucky to have her.  Thank you again for everything.  I'll keep you updated as she grows. 

Talk to you soon,

Thank you for taking this picture.  I attached the picture you took of us going home.  I'm happy to report that Trace is doing great!  No problems on the ride home or in settling in.  Only one potty accident and it was my fault.

He passed with flying colors at the vet today, and while we were taking a walk this morning I was asked where I got him and gave them your website.

My vet was so impressed with him Both his appearance and his personality.  He is such a lovable eager to please little guy.  (Ok maybe not so little, he weighed in at 16lbs !)  The vet said he was an impressive Golden.  Of course I already knew that  :)

Thank you again for  my beautiful little guy!

Best wishes to you,

Trace at 8 weeks, from our Jasmine/Tebow 2/14/09 Litter

Sherry and Trace

Hi Melissa,

Hope this email finds you well. Attached are some pictures of Kasey on his first birthday. As you may see he's healthy, very strong and playful. It's great walking him around the block, and having everyone tell me how beautiful he is. Thanks again for all you do in breeding these Golden Retrievers.

Best regards,


Here are some pictures of Marty. He is very healthy and has adjusted to the move. He has been to the vet twice for his checkup and shots and he has a clean bill of health.

His socialization is progressing and he definitely loves to be around people. The cat in the house hasn't quite adjusted to his presence yet, but she has been queen of the castle for sometime and is not giving up the throne easily.

He was introduced to the pool last week and enjoyed the short swim that we took. We have been working on his bag of tricks and he loves to run in the grass and retrieve anything. He has gone through many toys already, but has been very good about sticking to the toys only (a shoe once in a great while). Potty training was done within the first week.

We are very pleased with our addition and he has become the hit of the neighborhood.

Thank you and I will continue to send pictures on occasion.


Marty at 10 weeks

King of the castle


Another update, Kai is doing GREAT!!  Went for our second round of shots today at the vet and he was a champ.  He’s 15.5 lbs. now and growing every day.  Vet said he looks great.  Katy and I have been having so much fun with him, he is a perfect addition to our home.  Thanks again for everything Melissa.


John, Katy, and Kai

Kai at 9 weeks old

Center of attention

Hi Everyone!

We thought you would like to see pics of our big baby!  She was one year old on Dec 17th!  The time sure has flown by.  She is a wonderful dog and is involved with everything we do whether we need her help or not!  As you can see, she is quite the lap dog also! There is just no way to express how happy she has made us.  I wish you could see how she prances when we walk her, and she also does a little dance when she wakes up in the mornings.  Oh, and she does not bark!  She goes woo woo woo.  She is really something! We are truly blessed.

Thank you again and we have referred you to everyone we know that may be interested in adding a Golden to their family

Diane & Doug

p.s.  Melissa (Paradise Kennels)  Thank you so much for breeding the most perfect Golden.  Our "Honey" has been the best


One Year Old Honey

Honey at the Helm

Update on Honey at 2 years old

Hello Melissa,

I just wanted to share a couple of updated pictures of our beautiful girl, Honey.  She was two years old on Dec 17th and she just gets more beautiful every day.  Her personality is the best and she is the center of our family.  We just love her to pieces!  I enjoy walking with her every day because we always meet someone who coments on how pretty and well behaved she is.  She is the best!

You truly do a wonderful job of breeding Goldens!

Diane & Doug


We wanted to share another photo of Bailey. She has one of the greatest temperaments of any dog I know. She is loving, kind and smart. We are so glad to have her as part of our family and want to thank you again for breeding such a wonderful dog.



Bailey at 6 months


Sandy is everything we could have possibly hoped for.  She is a gorgeous example of a classic Golden Retriever with a joyful spirit, noble forehead, deep brown eyes, wonderful coat and the best personality a dog could have.  She has become a cherished member of our family not by our children and ourselves but also by our Devon Rex cat (who owned the house before Sandy arrived).

We may want to add one of Sandy's sisters or cousins to our family at some later date so please keep us up to speed with future litters.

Please remember that you have an open invitation to visit Sandy and see how she loves to run on our 5 acres anytime you are in the Fort Myers area.

Thank you for being so kind and for bringing Sandy to our lives.

Terry, Kelly, Erin and Ian